How to use discount codes

1. You must use "Register Account" when placing your order

We don't share info, we never mail anything to anyone. Once registered
you can access your info and place orders by using your email address and
password to logon.

Register or Guest Check out

2. Now you need to enter your Coupon Code

Once you get to the "Check Out" page click on the "Shopping Cart" text link
at the top left hand side of the page above "Check out".

shopping cart link

3. Select the option "Use Coupon Code"

Enter Coupon Code

4. Enter the Coupon Code

Enter Coupon Code

5. Click on "Apply Coupon" you should see the discount applied

Discount Applied

6. Click on Check out to finish your order SEE

If your discount does not appear or you can't complete your order please contact us at this LINK