Back in 2000, a young man who grew up in a bilingual family that spoke both German, Spanish and English had years of travel experience in Western Europe and the US. There were not many states or countries he had traveled to or visited. During his travels he found both unique out-of-the-way locations, which today some can be found on Atlas obscura. His first trips included friends, family and co-workers who had no travel experience or other language skills. Soon the friends and coworkers shared their trip experiences and a small business began. The bulk of customers were well-off clients who needed trip support, a driver and translator. Guests would choose countries, destinations and the number of days for their tour to which he helped plan, book and organize their trips. All they had to do was hop on a plane and arrive, everything was planned for them. The hit war movie Saving Private Ryan helped war buffs find locations such as foxholes, war sites and battlefields which are often hidden or not well-marked. Soon he found himself taking a van full of war fanatics to France, Italy, Germany and Austria. As word got around, he helped handicapped travelers who were blind, deaf or in wheelchairs on tour. A trip can be one person or up to 8.

Today, the majority of our trips are still with one guide who drivers, guides and translates. Offering pre-trip planning, suggestions and advice to create the best custom trip. Hotel, transportation and guidance are all provided for one rate per person based on the number of days and country of travel.

California Foreign International Travel (CFIT) was born

Our Expertise covers the following Countries:
Czech Republic
United States

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