Due to over 50 years of travel experience all over North America and Western Europe, we offer our guests travel suggestions, routes and sightseeing stops advice. The difference is getting advice on places from someone who has physically visited in person and knows first hand what is needed, the best times to visit, how to get access and costs. This avoids arriving at destinations and not being able to find available rooms, tickets to attractions etc. Avoiding the “If I did it again, I would have done it all differently”. Thus, first time visitors can do it right the first time. Please use the form below:


On a Limited basis, we offer sightseeing trips that include pick up from your hotel, transport to the sights,
translation, and transport back to your hotel.

Basically, what we offer is transport from your trip, the hotel to sightseeing stops that are not right along the route. As well, some sights are not located where bicycles have easy access, so this makes getting to these sights safer and easier


Band of Brothers Cemetery
D-Day Beaches
Tiger Tank/WW2 Museum, Belgium
Bastogne Foxholes
101st Museum
Maginot Line Fortresses
Berlin Bunkers
Hurtegen Forrest
Bridge Remagen

Alps Salzburg Area BOOK HERE
Salzburg Beethoven’s Birth house
Eagles’s Nest (Kehlsteinhaus)
Salt Mines

Rothenburg Medieval Town BOOK HERE
Wall Walk
Capital Punishment Museum

United States Destinations BOOK HERE

Currently, available trips can be booked HERE
If you don’t see a payment link or location, please let us know, as we may be able to add it.


Why do you use 6 or 8 day packages?
Like many travel businesses, we’ve found that the most popular trip number of days are either 6 or 8. It works this way, 6 days allow a person to travel on Saturday to the destination, Start on Sunday and end
on Friday and travel back home on Saturday. This is due to normal Monday–Friday work weeks. The 8 day
trip you travel on Fridays, arrive and start on Saturday, and the next Saturday and fly home on Sunday. Both these options mean guests only lose one week of work. Hope that makes sense. We are not the first business to follow this concept.

What payment forms do you accept?
We accept checks in advance that allow us enough time to allow them to clear. We also accept Major credit cards. Our Shopping card where you can pay by credit card is located HERE

What if the 6 or 8 day packages don’t fit our agenda?
Not a problem, a great deal of our trips are custom because we understand some guests have more time and want to cover longer distances. For such cases, we offer custom prices and will submit a payable invoice by email or text with the total rate.

Can we choose our hotel?
Yes, you can as long as all guests use the same hotel and note that rates may change depending on the hotel chosen.