How to Place your order

1. Find the Item or tour you wish to book by using the Dark Gray info bar
Group tours, by date or by topic.

Shopping Cart Start Page

2. Find the Item and click on "Add to Cart"

Item Info

3. Once added to the cart you'll see "Success: You have added" the item
in a green box at the top of the page. Also note the item total added at the
top of the page under the words "Shopping Cart".

4. Once the item has been added click on "Check Out"

Check Out

5. Check out page has two options
Select One:
1. Register Account
2. Guest Account

If you have no coupon codes you can use the "Guest Account"
If you have a coupon code you'll need to use "Register Account".

Registering your account will allow you to take advantage of repeat guest discounts
and last minute offers. You can access your account with your email address and a

If using "Guest Account" you'll still be asked for billing info but it won't be saved.

Register or Guest Check out

6. Enter your information (This info will be used for credit card billing only)
Please ensure its correct or your order may be refused by your bank.
Enter a password which you'll use to access your order or reorder in the
future. Nothing will ever be mailed to you nor will anyone call you with the
information provided

1. First Name
2. Last Name
3. Email Address
4. Telephone Number
5. Address
6. City
7. Zip or Postal Code
8. Country
9. Stat, Province or Region

comodo ssl

Make sure you check the box in the lower right hand corner.
You agree to our Privacy Policy

Register your Info

7. Billing process, we only accept Visa and MasterCard, please do not try
an use American Express it won't work.

Check the box in the lower right to "Agree to Terms and Conditions".

Agree to Terms

8. Confirm order total, the total will appear in the bottom right corner. If
you have a "Coupon Code" Click on the text link "Shopping Cart"
at the top left just above the text "Checkout". This will open a box to enter
your code. Need Help Entering a Coupon Code See this LINK

Click on "Continue".

Confirm your order

9. Payment Page, your billing info to charge your card will now appear
in a box. You'll need to enter the following credit card info.

1. Enter your name as printed on the card
2. Credit Card numbers (no spaces). Type in the 16 digits without spaces
2. Experation date without /, the month and last two digits of the year
3. 3 Digit(CVC) Code usually on the back of the card

Cfit payment page

10. Check your info Make sure you have no spaces for the
card numbers, 4 digits for the experation date and
the 3 digit security code.

11. Click on the "Pay with this Card"center bottom right of page when complete

12. Order confirmed Page
If you see this page your order was accepted and your card was
processed. Any other page and your order was NOT processed.

Confirmation Page

Still having problems or have a question please use this LINK